Get Paid to Write Articles

Green Light Articles provides the perfect platform for anyone looking to get paid to write articles. By signing up as a writer at GLA, you’ll get access to a constant supply of articles just waiting to be written; and you’ll get paid for every one that you write.

If you can write simple, easy-to-read, good quality English language articles between 150 and 800 words (but most often 300-500 words), based on a given Topic and Keywords, then this is the job for you.

Green Light Articles is a new content solutions company that provides content, in the form of articles, to our customers. The customer specifies a topic and gives a few keywords (phrases that must be mentioned in the article), and then submits this information to us. Our writers then write the articles and send them back to the customer.

Our website is an efficiently programmed system that makes it so easy for our writers to simply grab an article that needs writing, write it to the quality expectations required, and then get paid.

The many benefits of writing articles with us:

  • You don’t need to deal with the customers – just click the article to select it, write it, then send it back.
  • A constant supply of work – there will always be articles available to be written.
  • Freedom in your working hours – you can write as much or as little as you want. 8 hours a day or zero, it’s up to you.
  • An alternate way of earning by doing article spins. Tired of writing? We offer article spins too which allows for great earning potential.
  • Earn $1 per 100 words, so $5 for a 500 word article.
  • Article spins earns you $1.75 per 100 words = $8.75 for a 500 word article.
  • Earn the majority of what the customer pays. We only take a small cut per article because we believe in providing good prices to our customers and rewarding writers appropriately.
  • You’re credited with your earnings immediately after completing an article for easy tracking of how much you’ve written and earned.
  • Get paid in full what’s owed to you every 2 weeks.
  • We provide orientation and training, because we want all writers who sign up with us to be a sucess and write with us over the long-term.

Articles written at GLA may require a small amount of web-based research to ensure quality of information, and also must be written to a decent standard, including: perfect spelling (there is a built in spell-checker), good grammar and sentence structure, and they must be relevant to the Topic provided.

Apply NOW, and the constant flow of article orders we provide will ensure that as a writer you will never be without articles to write and earn money from.

If you want to get paid by writing articles online, then apply to write with Green Light Articles now.


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